Meet Yaffa’s New BFF – Maggie Mather!

Yaffa is chic, versatile clothing for women and now we found the perfect companion for our apparel: Maggie Mather Tennis Bags – sophisticated looks for the everyday, active women. Here is what we love about MM, and why we’re the perfect pair:

Colors: Yaffa and Maggie Mather’s Brights and Neutrals

Maggie Mather bags come in brights and neutrals that compliment Yaffa’s Country Club Whites. Add a pop of color with a range of NINE available colors like our fave, fuchsia. 

We’re giving away a Maggie Mather bag to one lucky subscriber, with $500 in Yaffa gear.

Tennis-Identity-Yaffa-Lead-Gen-Ad (1)

Subscribe to win.


Comfort: Yaffa’s fabric, MM’s strap

Just like us, Maggie Mather knows comfort. Thick, adjustable shoulder straps are made for you ultimate comfort. At Yaffa Activewear, we pride ourselves in our luxurious silky smooth fabric that feels like a second skin. 


Versatile: one look, multi-function

Not only are Maggie Mather Tennis Tote’s comfortable, they’re versatile. You can carry everything from your tennis racket and water bottle to phone and car keys in the multiple pockets. With so much space, you’ll have room for all of the accessories you need throughout the day. These bags are also very versatile. Take with you on any trip–the perfect carry-on bag no matter where your travels take you.

Look your best, play your best, and feel your best this summer with Yaffa Activewear and Maggie Mather Tennis Bags!


Laura Preskin, Founder and Creative Director

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