Solving Your Courtrobe Problems


As the summer melts away maintaining that “summer body” gets a little more difficult. Don’t stress yourself out all year, try our simple solutions to solving all your coutrobe problems!

 1. The After Pregnancy Belly


Our Forgiving Cami Tank is great for that post baby belly. The top enhances your bust while the loose fit covers your baby pooch.


Pair your Cami with our best selling capri. Our specially designed thick waistband hides that muffintop. The side paneling slims and elongates your legs creating an effortless mommy on the go look! No need to rush shedding that baby weight.

2. The Unwanted Love Handles


We get it, the holiday season can be filled with love… and lots of food. We are well into summer and it’s time to wake your summer body up. Until then, The Handle Hider Tank is perfect for those unwanted love handles. Its side shirring minimizes your problem areas while accentuating your assets. So go ahead, have that extra slice of cake, we’ve got you covered.

3. Booty Problems


If you can admit it, so can we, we’re not all born with that perfect booty. Don’t burn yourself out at the squat rack. Instead, try our ruffle skort to give you a booty that Sharapova would approve of.

4. The Cellulite Challenge


Got a little extra of something you don’t love? Our longer fit Pocket Skort gives you more coverage while it’s A-line side panels give you a slimmer look. Don’t be shy, show off those legs!

5. Get A Lift


Push up bras, stuffing your bra, chicken cutlets, we have all gone through this. Some more than others. Let’s face it, we are all not well endowed… Yaffa has the perfect solution to to giving an extra… boost while providing support and comfort.  Our V-Neck Tank with a built in bra instantly gives your bust a lift and highlights your cleavage in a tasteful way. The stuffing phase is over!

Whatever your courtrobe problems may be, we are here to solve them one piece at a time. Enjoy your summer with confidence, we got you covered!



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