Serena Williams vs Karolina Pliskova – US Open Semi Finals 2016


There is something so profoundly inspiring about an underdog story. It’s just you and your opponent on the court. Except this time, your opponent is Goliath. And you are David.

The Yaffa team was lucky to be able to attend the US Open’s epic women’s singles semi-finals match last week. What started as a free community day, turned into a battle of two power houses. What we witnessed that day was that in the game of tennis, sometimes you do not need the best serve, the best back hand, or the best net game. If you have a mind of steel and fire in your heart – can get you to the top.


Congratulations to Karolina Pliskova for beating Serena Williams, and being able to compete in the championship Finals. Pliskova showed poise,  mental toughness and perseverance to make tennis fans proud. In a post match interview with Pliskova, she was asked to comment on her game and her results, I don’t believe it. Actually, I do believe it. I knew I could beat anyone if I’m playing my game.” Imagine the pressure of 22,000 tennis enthusiasts rooting for your mistakes. She walked away with more fans than she started with. Yaffa included.


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