5 Easy Meditation Tips

Even before I wake up I run multiple lists through my head.  I’m always thinking about my never ending grocery list and which practice I’m hauling my kids to. My mind is all over the place.  Sometimes I’m driving my car on autopilot; preoccupied with these thoughts.  When I arrive at my destination, the drive is just a blur.  If this sounds like you… you might want to consider starting to meditate. 

Here are 5 easy tips to help you in your mediation journey.


Make sure your head and spine are upright. It’s important to remember that your body and mind are connected. If your body is well balanced, your mind will be too.  



Similar to yoga, what comes with meditation is a detached state of awareness.  Pay soft attention to whatever you place in the center of your mind. Focus on your body’s feelings without being consumed by your emotions.



Be mindful of your breathing patterns. Paying attention to your breath allows you to anchor yourself in the present moment.



Find a special place to sit or claim as your sanctuary.  You want it to be a serene spot that remains pure of negativity and the familiarity will help you reach a deeper part of your mind.



Enjoy meditation.  Allow a hint of your smile to turn up.  Be kind to yourself.  Try to schedule in more time to sit and meditate.  

Let’s open our eyes to the world in front of us and live in the moment.


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