Let Your Brows Do The Talking


Do your brows do all the talking…? In fact it’s the key feature that makes your face stand out. Everyone automatically thinks of their eyes, nose, or mouth. It’s important to take time out of your day to tame those brows.

But where do you look for the best product? There are so many products on the market, it’s hard to keep up! After you find the perfect product, what do you do? Thick, Thin, Shape, it’s all so overwhelming.

We have created a foolproof eyebrow routine that will take less than 3 minutes.


  1. Start out with your favorite product. The Benefit Brow Zing Kit is our favorite. It includes a brow powder to shape those brows, a wax to tame those flyaways, and tweezers for those unwanted brow hairs.
  1. After you find the perfect product, what do you do? Always follow the natural shape of your brows for a tasteful natural look.
  1. Once you have traced the perfect shape, fill in your brows to your liking. A couple brush strokes and your face instantly transforms.
  1. Let’s not forget to stick those flyaways in place. Use a light hand when applying. A little goes a long way.


Our second choice is for the ladies on the go. We love Trish McEvoy’s Precision Brow Shaper.


2 Easy steps:

  1. Take the point and make little strokes from the inner brow to the outer brow.
  2. Use the brush side to blend in those strokes into your natural brows.

When you’re putting on your face don’t overlook the brows, they’re the windows to your face.



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