Are You Ready For Dinner?

What’s for dinner mom? Have you run out of good dinner options for your kids?  If your answer is yes, then you really need to read these solutions.  Preferably before dinner time.

Three great companies for home cooked meals delivered to your door:

Blue Apron

101716_2v2_mushroomfettucine-1155_right_splash_featureMushroom & Fennel Fettuccine

  • Options from pan seared chicken to spicy Korean rice cakes.
  • Packaging is designed to keep ingredients fresh for “several hours” after the delivery. According to the company, the ingredients will stay fresh for up to a week after the delivery date.
  • Link on each recipe card to an online tips page and how-to videos for that specific recipe from Blue Apron chefs.
  • Offers either a two-person or a four-person subscription and a flat rate of three meals per week. The two-person plan is about $60 per week or $9.99 per person, while the family plan is roughly $140 per week or $8.74 per person.
  • Free shipping.

Hello Fresh

cvpuw-iwiaadrgvCoffee-rubbed steak tacos

  • Options from Thai pork meatballs to honey and orange chicken jambalaya.
  • Each recipe includes the level of difficulty, cooking time, the tools needed, and any allergens that could be found in the dish for future reference.
  • Tells you which of the recipes you should make first depending on the ingredients.
  • Subscription plan offers a two-person and four-person subscription with three meals per week. $69 for two people ($11.50 per person per meal) and $129 for the family plan ($10.75 per person per meal).
  • Option for the vegetarian box $9.
  • Free Shipping.



hero_1695_roasted_sweet_potato_poke_bowl_with_avocado_and_sriracha_mayo_0102Roasted Sweet Potato Poke Bowl

  • Options from cauliflower carbonara to duck confit.
  • Allows customers to order recipes to cook for two, four or six people, making the service perfect for families or people who love dinner parties.
  • Stay fresh for up to 24 hours after expected delivery in the refrigerated bag, according to the company. The ingredients should also stay fresh for four to five days in the fridge after delivery.
  • $12 per meal and requires a minimum of 4 plates for $48.
  • Only free shipping on boxes over $50.


Click, click, quick cooking recipes, and you’re done.


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