Fight the Frost, Transform Your Workouts!

Are you an outdoor person suffering during the dark hours? Isn’t it easier to crawl into hibernation?  Change can be good… an opportunity to discover a new fitness passion.  It’s time to innovate your workouts!

Here are five different types of workouts you need to try: 

  1. Circuit- Create a good circuit workout to do at home to work on your core, to stay fit, and get your heart rate up. It’s a great way to squeeze a workout in when you don’t have time to hit the gym. full-body-home-workout


  1. Soul Cycle– Another way to get your heart rate up with an instructor that spews out motivational quotes even on the gloomiest days to motivate you and burn the calories that you need. Includes upper body workouts with weights and some of the best playlists.



  1. Pole Dancing- Get right to the core. Try something you’re embarrassed to tell your friends, but it’s actually really cool. Lots of dancing, increases flexibility, burns calories, and sweats out the toxins.


  1. The Bar Method– This workout helps you sculpt muscles, build strength, tone, and slim down. This full body workout is safe, challenging, and empowering.


  1. Barry’s Bootcamp – If you’re result oriented and want to see your biceps protrude this is a must try. The boot camp shows quick results, is intense and has a variety of workouts with incredible music.



Sometimes it’s good to stay indoors, especially with winter around the corner.  These different workouts incentivizes trying new things, produce good results, and enhances your confidence all while having a good time. Maybe you’ll find a new fitness passion along the way!


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