Sun Protection never looked so chic!

I love the sun! This past holiday I enjoyed two glorious weeks of blue skies and bright sunshine during the Christmas /Hanukah break in Florida.   Coming from icy New York, where I spend most of my winter in my sweats, down vest, and furry UGGS, I took great pleasure in breaking out my latest new styles from Yaffa’s new Luxury Sun Gear collection.

Thanks to my two new faves, the Neck Protector Tank and the Long Sleeve Sun Protector, I was still able to enjoy sun-kissed walks on the beach and pool soirees with my friends and family without damaging my skin.  While in past years, I was happy to be in my bikini and took pleasure in feeling like a bronzed goddess by the end of my holiday, now it’s a different story.  While I still tan a little, I am left with all kinds of souvenirs from my trip that I would rather not have when my tan fades.  I no longer desire the salami spots and brown blotches on my chest and arms – its time for defensive wardrobing!


The Neck Protector Tank has it all! Protecting the delicate skin on the upper chest with our finest UPF 50 fabrics that feel smooth as silk.  The fabric is chlorine safe, dries quickly and is super lightweight. Perfect for hot climates!  The design inspiration is from the cutest trend in work out tops that has popped up in all the gyms, soul cycle, pilates and yoga. The loose fitting tank that can tie on the side or in the back is super cute and when worn loose is flattering for all.  Check it out!


The Long Sleeve Sun Protector, made in the same amazing fabric as the neck protector, provides protection for the arms and upper body.  Unlike most rash guards, the style is loose and chic, the stitch work is delicate and shabby chic, and the colors are neutral and work with every day wardrobe.  You can throw it over a swim suit and jump into the pool or ocean–is chlorine safe–and will dry quickly.

Stay tuned for other new Yaffa designs in the luxury Sun Gear collection. We are working on new innovative styles that can take you to to the court to the beach-pool-club and take care all of your travel resort adventures!

Indulge yourself in Yaffa!



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