Yaffa vs. Skin Cancer

As a designer and entrepreneur, I believe it is important to make a contribution to helping and healing others in my business practices.  I feel compassionately about the struggles and challenges that my friends and family have shared with me in battling skin cancer.  Originally, Yaffa Activewear was founded as a luxury tennis clothing line.  Although we continue to offer great designs for tennis, we are pivoting the brand to encompass an extensive collection that includes fashionable yet functional UPF-50 garments.  I created Yaffa with the motto “Tennis and Beyond”, hoping that in time the “Beyond” would take Yaffa to a place that prioritizes good health, confidence and beauty.

We chose to import the most luxurious UPF-50 fabric from Italy.  To ensure these fabrics meet our high standards of UPF 50 sun protection,  we utilize  an independent lab to test and certify the UPF-50 protection rating.  In addition, we test the fabric’s longevity by  40 repeated washings to attain 98% blockage from the sun’s UV rays.  All tests are completed in accordance to the strictest standards of the AATCC (American Association of Textile Chemists and colorist).   


SUN PONCHO: I designed the poncho because often I get asked to go on a walk while lounging underneath an umbrella on a sunny beach day. To combat the vulnerability of exposing my skin to the sun, I created a lightweight, cool layering piece for on-the-go moments.



HAND-NECK PROTECTOR CROP: I created this style because the crop top is the latest fashion trend both in read-to-wear and in activewear.  I saw an opportunity to design a sun-protection top that looks chic at the same time!


JOGGER: I love the jogger look but I hate the banded bottoms on them, so I created one with an unfinished yet cool looking cropped bottom!

Go hands-free whether you’re on the court, walking or hanging out.  This pant is the absolute must for travel, outdoor fitness, tennis, and going to and fro.  Our breathable microfiber fabric gives you the just the right amount of compression to be figure-flattering and stylish.

Be sure to check out our sun protection page to find out more info and all our products with UPF50!


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