Yachting in Yaffa

I’ve always been fascinated with people who subscribe to a yachting lifestyle.  In my travels this winter to South Beach, Miami, I had the pleasure of meeting Maureen Bush, a real-life yacht lady and tennis player. Maureen instantly fell in love with Yaffa Activewear, as she often searches for new and fashionable sun protection clothing for her outdoor fitness activities.  Maureen has a very active lifestyle on her boat and spends many hours playing tennis in Miami.  

One of Maureen’s favorite pieces from Yaffa Activewear is the long sleeve sun protection top, wMaureen 2hich she can wear while biking, playing tennis, and hanging out on the boat during the hours when UV rays are the strongest.


Recent reports suggest that some of the ingredients in sunblock lotion can contribute to skin cancer.  Wearing sun protection clothing with UPF50 is an important aspect to get maximum coverage.   Maureen shared with us that sun protection is a common topic among her friend group, specifically what precautions they are taking to protect themselves from skin cancer.  In fact, she told us that sun protection clothing and skin cancer are as common as talking about what you’re going to make for dinner.  For some of her friends in the yachting community, the frequency of skin check-ups is similar to having your hair colored, just about every 3 months.



We asked Maureen’s opinion on how Yaffa Activewear is different from her other sun protection tops:

Maureen 4.jpg

Yaffa’s fabric is by far what Maureen loves the most.  Since Florida’s weather is so hot and humid, the lightweight and cooling properties of the Yaffa fabric are amazing.  Maureen describes Yaffa as her second skin and wishes to “stay in her Yaffa all day long”.  Maureen especially loves Yaffa’s modern designs and the cross functionality of the garments, allowing her to wear Yaffa from the courts to the street! 

I love Maureen’s mantra; “A day without being in the sun is like a day not even worth waking up”. With Yaffa  , Maureen can enjoy her outdoor activities any time of the day in the bright sun. 






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