Cool, Calm and Protected!

Feel protected while chasing the sun in the highest quality and best-rated sun protection garments. Yaffa’s luxury fabrics are independently tested by the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC), where the level of ultraviolet guard is measured and graded for blockage. 

Our customers love our feather light-weight fabrics for outdoor fitness activities, while enjoying the full benefits of sun protection. Much like sunscreen, our UPF 50 tops reach the highest level of anti UVA and UVB infiltration, blocking out 98% of the sun’s rays providing the most protection available.

To learn more about the testing AATCC testing process, visit

As long as you wash your Yaffa in cold water, you don’t need to worry about losing any of the products’s sun protection properties. Because our fabrics’ sun protection is embedded in the fibers, the garments will keep your skin safe and unmarked for up to 40 washes. This second wash test performed by the AATCC further ensures the longevity of our clothes.

Our luxury fabrics are sourced from a sustainable mill, Jersey Lomellina located in Northern Italy. For over 40 years, Jersey Lomellina has specialized in producing high-quality stretch, circular knitted fabrics. Jersey Lomellina and its parent company, the Carvico Group, are well known for supplying European swimwear designers with the best quality in UPF 50 textiles. The Group’s extensive portfolio of clients includes household names such as J.Crew, Lands’ End, and Tommy Bahama. 
To see more about where our garments are sourced, visit

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