Wear it and Share it!

Share The Love, We’ll Give it Back!

Why not share the Yaffa Activewear love with friends and family and receive 50% off your next outfit? We can’t think of a reason not to either!

Read on to learn how to join the Yaffa Activewear community and get rewarded for doing so!

Maryanne- Yoga Instructor, Boca Raton

Pose, Post, Get The Most!

It’s never been so easy to get 50% off of the Yaffa favorites that you’ve been eyeing!

Just pose in your Yaffa clothes, snap a shot, and post it on either Facebook or Instagram.

Make sure to include our tag;  @YAFFAACTIVEWEAR  so that we will be notified.  If your account is private, please message and let us know about your post.

You will receive a one-time discount code every time you tag us while wearing Yaffa Activewear. This code is to use for yourself for one Yaffa outfit!

Step-by-step tutorial on how to wear it, share it, and score discounts with your friends!

Choose the image you’d like to share

Write @YAFFAACTIVEWEAR in the caption or send us a message if your account is private!


For additional information regarding the Yaffa Activewear Wear it & Share it Campaign, email us at marketing@yaffaactivewear.com

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